Green Animals Topiary Garden, Portsmouth, Rhode Island (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Brian Feathers)
Green Animals Topiary Garden, Portsmouth, Rhode Island | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Brian Feathers

Nestled in the charming town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, lies a magical oasis where the art of landscaping takes on a playful and enchanting form. Welcome to Green Animals Topiary Garden, a place where meticulously sculpted bushes transform into a captivating menagerie of creatures, from elegant elephants to graceful giraffes, and where geometric shapes create a symphony of shapes and patterns.

Long before Edward Scissorhands made topiary art famous, there was Joseph Carreiro, the visionary gardener and superintendent who lovingly tended to this living masterpiece from 1905 to 1945. Green Animals Topiary Garden boasts the distinguished honor of being the oldest topiary garden in the United States, a testament to Carreiro’s skill and dedication.

The roots of this extraordinary garden extend to a once-private estate owned by Thomas Brayton, the treasurer of the Union Cotton Manufacturing Company. When his daughter, Alice, passed away at the age of 94, she bestowed the property upon The Preservation Society of Newport County, ensuring that the magic of Green Animals would be accessible to all who sought its wonders.

Brayton House at Green Animals Topiary Garden, Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Brayton House at Green Animals Topiary Garden, Portsmouth, Rhode Island | Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Swampyank

But Green Animals is more than just a showcase of sculpted greenery; it’s a canvas painted with vibrant blooms. As you wander through this whimsical wonderland, you’ll be greeted by a riot of colors from tulips, lupines, hydrangeas, and more. The garden comes alive with tens of thousands of bulbs, earning it the prestigious recognition of the American Daffodil Society for its stunning array of daffodils, representing an astonishing 49 varieties.

Green Animals Topiary Garden opens its doors daily, but only during the warm and welcoming embrace of the spring and summer seasons. For those seeking the pinnacle of floral delight, May and June are prime months for a visit.

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