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Be awed by the beauty and power of waterfalls across the country. Discover roaring cascades plunging over cliff edges, billowing into pools below. Follow forest trails to glimpse delicate tiered falls flowing gently over rocky outcrops. Marvel at the thunderous might of massive waterfall systems stretching across river bends. Get up close to enjoy the soothing mist on your face at the base of tumbling cataracts. Search for rainbows in the spray as sunlight filters through the rushing water. Experience the surrounding tranquility broken only by the mesmerizing roar. Though every waterfall has its own unique shape, size and setting, they all reflect nature’s wonder. Let the sound of flowing water wash your worries away. Lose yourself in the hypnotic views nature provides at its most spectacular. With numerous waterfalls nestled amid diverse landscapes nationwide, stunning beauty awaits around every bend.

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