Quapaw Bathhouse, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Quapaw Bathhouse, Hot Springs, Arkansas | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

The Historic Quapaw Bathhouse still stands today in the famed Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This building now serves as a spa that features state-of-the-art spa services and massages. It is one of only two bathhouses in Hot Springs that still serves baths from the thermal springs to guests.


The Horseshoe and Magnesia, two beautiful bathhouses once stood at the site where Quapaw Bathhouse now is located. Over the years, Hot Springs’ Bathhouse Row has evolved with the everchanging construction and evolution of architecture.

When the Quapaw Bathhouse was built in 1922, it was named after the local Quapaw Native American Tribe. The native people lived in the region where the city of Hot Springs and the National Park lie today.

This bathhouse is unique because it happens to the longest of its kind that stretches along Central Avenue. When the Quapaw Bathhouse closed its doors in 1984, it sat vacant for over two decades. The years took their toll on the structure and in 2008, extensive remodeling had to be completed to revitalize the Quapaw.

Now the full service spa offers modern conveniences with a classic flair. Visitors to the Quapaw get to experience luxurious accommodations during their visit.

How to Visit

Quapaw Bathhouse is located at 413 Central Avenue in Hot Springs. Reservations are completed by calling the bathhouse. The other bathhouse that offers spa and bath services is Buckstaff Baths.

For more information about hours and rates, please visit the official website here.

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