Take a Drive Across Michigan’s Largest Covered Wooden Bridge

Wooden Bridge, Frankenmuth, Michigan (Photo Credit: Flickr - Christopher Woodrich)
Wooden Bridge, Frankenmuth, Michigan (Photo Credit: Flickr - Christopher Woodrich)

Officially named “Holz Brücke” for wooden bridge in German, this covered bridge in Frankenmuth is the largest in Michigan. It has stood as a cross point over the Cass River since 1980 and the story of how it came into place is fascinating.

The idea for the bridge came from the Zehnder family. The bridge was constructed and then moved into place in January of 1980 by using oxen. During this move, the bridge reportedly only moved 3 inches per minute. It took twelve days to get the bridge into its final position!

The bridge spans 239 feet across the Cass River and is a popular tourist attraction for visitors in Michigan’s Little Bavaria. The bridge is made almost entirely out of Douglas Fir and over 25,000 shingles top the covered roof.

The Holz-Brücke is located on Covered Bridge Lane connecting Main Street to the famous Bavarian Inn. It is free to visit and drive across, although one car at a time is permitted to cross and traffic does come from both directions. There are also sidewalks on each side of the bridge to allow pedestrians to cross.

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