Boston Swan Boat, Boston, Massachusetts (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Captain-tucker)
Boston Swan Boat, Boston, Massachusetts | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Captain-tucker

Since 1877, swan boats have been crossing the pond in Boston’s Public Garden. These fun boats lead to an exciting adventure that allows riders take in the peaceful tranquility that the spacious park provides. Enjoy the flowers and watch ducks that waddle around the banks of the pond.

When Robert Pagett and his wife watched a theater production of Lohengrin, he was inspired to create these swan boats in the Public Garden. They launched in 1877, and have been taking people on boat rides for over 145 years.

Some of the boats still in use today are over 100 years old. Each of the boats have been restored and maintenanced to continue operation each year.

The Swan Boats operate seasonally from around April to September. The boats are located within Public Garden at 4 Charles Street in Boston, Massachusetts. 

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