Take a Supernatural Stroll to the 4 Most Haunted Places in Apalachicola

Foggy Morning in Apalachicola, Florida
Foggy Morning in Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: Flickr - patchattack

Apalachicola’s quaint seaside charm conceals a haunting secret—this historic Florida town boasts several resident ghosts and paranormal hotspots. For travelers who enjoy a spine-tingling adventure, a supernatural stroll to Apalachicola’s top four most haunted places promises glimpses into the town’s spirited past. Get ready for eerie encounters steeped in intrigue as you visit haunts ranging from a spooky historical cemetery to a storied bed and breakfast with a ghostly guest who never checked out. The paranormal awaits in this unassuming beachside community!

1) Chestnut Street Cemetery

Chestnut Street Cemetery, Apalachicola, Florida
Chestnut Street Cemetery, Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: Flickr – Karsun Designs

Address: 96 6th St, Apalachicola, FL 32320

Driving through Apalachicola, visitors cannot miss the towering mossy oaks that are scattered amongst the aged headstones of Apalachicola’s past residents. The Chestnut Street Cemetery in Apalachicola is the final resting place of at least 79 Confederate veterans and 7 Union veterans, the cemetery stands as a testament to the town’s layered history. Its haunting beauty beckons visitors throughout the year.. From the chilling account of Marie Hickey’s descent into madness to the loyal servant Rose, commemorated with a tombstone by her employer, the stories paint vivid portraits of lives etched in the cemetery’s soil. The tragic saga of Louisa and Frank, united even in death, adds another layer of melancholy to this historic burial ground. Whether led by a guide or venturing on a solo exploration, a stroll through the Chestnut Street Cemetery becomes an essential experience for those interested in both history and haunted lore.

The Apalachicola Area Historical Society provides a Chestnut Street Cemetery Walking Tour Brochure that tells the history of the cemetery along with the location and stories of notable graves.

2) The Coombs Inn

Coombs Inn & Suites, Apalachicola, Florida
Coombs Inn & Suites, Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: Hotels.com

Address: 80 6th St, Apalachicola, FL 32320

Constructed in 1905, the Coombs Inn, once the private residence of Mr. and Mrs. James N. Coombs, carries a haunting tale of heartbreak and lingering spirits. Following a devastating fire in 1911 that left their home in ruins, the Coombs reluctantly sought refuge in a hotel during the reconstruction. The stress and tragedy of the fire proved too much for the couple, leading to Mrs. Coombs’s passing from a broken heart. In a poignant twist, just three weeks later, Mr. Coombs’s heart failed as well, and they were both laid to rest side by side in the Chestnut Street Cemetery, overlooking the remnants of their cherished home.

Today, as the Coombs Inn stands as an elegant bed and breakfast, guests and staff have reported many eerie encounters—from apparitions to mysterious footsteps and unexplained noises, suggesting that Mr. and Mrs. Coombs may have never truly left their beloved abode. For those seeking an exclusive and historically rich stay, the Coombs Inn provides not only accommodation but also a gateway to explore the haunting tales of Apalachicola’s other paranormal hotspots. Book your stay at the Coombs Inn & Suites at Hotels.com.

3) Gibson Inn

Gibson Inn, Apalachicola, Florida
Gibson Inn, Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: Hotels.com

Address: 51 Ave C, Apalachicola, FL 32320

The Gibson Inn in Apalachicola has a storied past dating back to 1907 when it opened as the Franklin Hotel, later acquired in 1923 by sisters Annie Gibson Hayes and Mary Ellen Gibson, namesakes of today’s inn. During WWII it served as lodging for officers from nearby Camp Gordon Johnston before returning to civilian hotel use. Now undergoing extensive renovations, the Gibson Inn still embraces its legacy, including lingering spirits like the piano-playing Captain Wood and Mary Ellen herself, said to make phantom phone calls.

This “Grande Dame of Old Florida” offers a step back in time with its preserved bar and breezy porch where guests can imagine the many souls who’ve found refuge here over the decades. With its charm, creaking floors, and whispers on the wind, the Gibson Inn exemplifies Apalachicola’s living history. Book your stay at the Gibson Inn at Hotels.com

4) The Orman House

Orman House, Apalachicola, Florida
Orman House, Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Address: 177 5th St, Apalachicola, FL 32320

The stately Orman House in Apalachicola was built in 1838 by cotton merchant Thomas Orman, who helped transform the small town into a major Gulf Coast cotton exporting port. The prominent antebellum home hosted business and social affairs for over 165 years until the last Orman descendant sold it in 1994.

Now a historic state park, the house is said to be haunted by playful spirits based on reports of unexplained noises, self-moving alphabet blocks, and erratic lighting. Employees recount these whimsical yet eerie occurrences happening mostly at night. A paranormal investigation concluded the ghosts were benign, meaning kind. History and mystery enthusiasts alike will find a tour of the grounds and interior of the Orman House a fascinating experience. This notoriously haunted antebellum mansion remains a top attraction in Apalachicola.


From phantom pianists to spiritual phone calls, Apalachicola’s famous haunted haunts will give you goosebumps. Learning the fascinating histories that spawned these ghosts makes a supernatural stroll through town even more intriguing. For thrill seekers and amateur ghost hunters, visiting Apalachicola’s top four most haunted places makes for an unforgettable activity on your next visit. Plus, be sure to check out Apalach Ghost Tours for an official guided tour of the city’s most haunted places. Let the haunting tales and potential paranormal encounters in Florida’s spirited seaside town give your getaway an adventurous twist.

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