Point Bolivar Lighthouse
Point Bolivar Lighthouse | Photo Credit: Flickr - Larry Syverson

The historic Point Bolivar Lighthouse has stood for over 150 years and earned its reputation as a haunted place. Its history shines through its significance, making it an important location on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Point Bolivar Lighthouse was built in 1872; the famed Hurricane of 1900 devastated the Point Bolivar and Galveston area. Despite this terrible storm, the Point Bolivar Lighthouse stood tall and faced the winds of the hurricane. Over 120 people hid inside the tower walls during the storm, and their lives were saved.

Point Bolivar Lighthouse
Point Bolivar Lighthouse, Texas | Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Jim Evans

The lightkeepers manned the lighthouse until 1933, when it was decommissioned. The lighthouse changed hands several times before being sold to its current owners.

It has earned its haunted reputation because of its all-black fa├žade. This dark color gives it a gloomy appearance. The supposed ghosts that haunt the grounds of the lighthouse are those who did not survive the Hurricane of 1900. They are spirits who were some of the over 6,000 people who perished during the tragic event in the surrounding area.

The Point Bolivar Light is privately owned and is not currently open to visitors. The light can be viewed from the road at the end of Everett Street.

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