Paulding Light, Ontonagon County, Michigan (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Flivver99)
Paulding Light, Ontonagon County, Michigan (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Flivver99)

Since the 1960s, a mysterious orb known as the Paulding Light has been spooking spectators. Often seen down a rural road in Ontonagon County, the light has become subject to numerous tales of local folklore.

The light always occurs in a specific valley and startles passerby. People have explained its origins as being alien related or even ghostly while others have justified its presence as swamp gas.

Originally the light was reported in 1966. The local sheriff was warned after a group of teenagers said they saw the mysterious burst of light in the sky. The tales range from the ghosts of a train wreck that once occurred in the valley. Other tales explain it is a weeping man looking for his lost grandson while other stories explain it to be murdered mailman or a Native American ghost who dances on powerlines.

The light gained so much attention that Michigan Tech students conducted an experiment in 2010 to try to explain the phenomenon. They explained from a scientific perspective that the light reflects from an inversion layer that absorbs car headlights from a highway several miles away.

Dare to believe what you may but the light still makes random occurrences. Each time bringing a new wave of confusion and enchantment.

The Paulding Light makes random occurrences but almost always is spotted on Old U.S. 45 late at night.

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