Court Square Fountain, Montgomery, Alabama
Court Square Fountain, Montgomery, Alabama | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Standing guard in the heart of historic downtown Montgomery is Court Square Fountain, a towering cast iron landmark that has welcomed locals and travelers since 1885. Perched atop an artesian well tapped long before the city’s founding, the picturesque fountain’s design draws from Greek mythology with statues of water bearers and forest creatures interspersed between ornamental spouts. Yet beyond the whimsical sculptures lies a deeper meaning – with fountain’s past intrinsically tied to Montgomery’s complex narrative as both birthplace of the Confederacy and Civil Rights Movement.


In the 1850s as Alabama Town and New Philadelphia merged into one city bearing a new name, the square became Montgomery’s bustling center hosting open air markets. Later when cotton reigned supreme, traders flocked here daily to buy and sell bales as well as traffic enslaved people as part of the antebellum economy. Many decades after Emancipation, Rosa Parks would board a city bus near these same streets and set in motion a wave of activism that echoed far beyond Alabama.

The ornate fountain thus stands not only as decoration but living history observing the city transform around it. Where stately antebellum buildings and homes once filled the blocks, only a few structures like the telegram-dispatching Winter Building remain intact today. Even the fountain itself underwent preservation having its corroded original zinc statues replaced with aluminum icons in the 1980s.

Legend has it that writer and artist Zelda Sayre, who would later be the wife of author F. Scott Fitzgerald, once danced in the fountain in a nude swimsuit. Her act at the time was just one of many things that led her to have a wild reputation in Montgomery.

How to Visit

The fountain is located at the intersection of Commerce Street, Court Street and Dexter Avenue.

The fountain is free to visit, visitors only have to pay for parking which is metered. Be careful when crossing the street to access the fountain as traffic does move around the roundabout.

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