Idaho Potato Museum, Blackfoot, Idaho
Idaho Potato Museum, Blackfoot, Idaho | Photo Credit: Flickr - sporst

Blackfoot, Idaho has long been credited with the title of being the “Potato Capital of the World”. The city produces more potatoes than any other county in Idaho, or the entire United States for that matter. So, it was no surprise when the Idaho Potato Museum opened in the historic train depot right this potato kingdom.

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In 1912, the Union Pacific Railroad built a train depot in Blackfoot for its Oregon Short Line Railroad. The depot was used for years, until train transport was no longer as common with the increased use of automobiles.

When the talks started circulating about opening a museum dedicated to the areas potato production, the Union Pacific Railroad donated the old depot to be the home for the attraction. The museum was assembled using a variety of local volunteers and donors.

The museum opened with a showcase of so many potato related artifacts and history. The museum shares with visitors how potatoes are grown, the farming techniques used and the eventual harvest and production of the vegetable. It also tells the story of why Idaho has become known for its crop and Bingham County, Idaho in particular. Another historical fun fact on site is the tale of how President Thomas Jefferson tried the first French fry in the White House.

On display at the museum are a few unique items in addition to agricultural tools and farm equipment. One popular exhibit is the “World’s Largest Potato Crisp” that was produced in Jackson, Tennessee by the iconic chip brand Pringles. Also on show is the “World’s Largest Potato Chip” that is over 25” across!

In addition to the exhibits, there is the Spud Seller Gift Shop which sells a variety of items ranging from potato keychains to sweatshirts or simply Idaho mementos. A visitor favorite is the Potato Station Café which serves all sorts of potato inspired dishes. The restaurant serves items such as the classic baked potato, delicious potato bread, interesting potato cupcakes and even savory chocolate dipped potato chips.

Idaho Potato Museum, Blackfoot, Idaho
Idaho Potato Museum, Blackfoot, Idaho | Photo Credit: Flickr – sporst

Plan Your Visit

The Idaho Potato Museum is located at 130 NW Main Street in Blackfoot, Idaho and is open for visitors. For more information about hours and admission, please click here.

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