Ozark Bathhouse, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Ozark Bathhouse, Hot Springs, Arkansas | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Of all the buildings that comprise Bathhouse Row, Ozark Bathhouse stands out amongst them all. The Ozark Bathhouse was built in 1922 for a cost of nearly $100,000. It’s lavish exterior but simplistic interior gave it an inviting appeal.

While 27 bathtubs allowed for bathers to enjoy the refreshing spring water, the Ozark Bathhouse was known for charging reasonable prices. This meant that middle class people could enjoy the same experience at a lower cost along the elegant row.

Ozark Bathhouse closed in 1977. It sat abandoned for nearly half a century before being renovated by the National Park Service. Today it serves as Ozark Cultural Center with art exhibits.

Ozark Bathhouse is located at 491 Central Avenue in downtown Hot Springs. It is currently occupied by the National Park Service as a Cultural Center. It is open limited hours but with free admission. Please visit the official website to learn more about the Ozark Bathhouse here.

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