The Sweet History Behind the Raspberry Island Lighthouse

Raspberry Island Lighthouse, Wisconsin (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Royalbroil)
Raspberry Island Lighthouse, Wisconsin | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Royalbroil

From stranded lightkeepers to a towns founding, the Raspberry Island Lighthouse has been an iconic beacon in the Apostle Islands with an intriguing history. This lighthouse is the only structure on the entire island and has been that way for over 100 years.

The Raspberry Island Lighthouse was built as a signal for the port into Bayfield, Wisconsin. Ships and boats passing by were unsure of where this new city port may lie. So Henry Rice, the founder of Bayfield, ordered a lighthouse to be built to attract nautical traffic to his city.

President James Buchanan authorized the island to only be used for the lighthouse and preserved the land for this purpose.

After the lighthouse was complete in 1862, the building sat empty due to the lack of a lens needed to create the signal light. The lens was made in France and did not arrive until 1863.

One of the most famous lightkeepers of the Raspberry Island Lighthouse was named Francis Jacker. Unlike most keepers, Jacker did not bring his family with him and insisted on hiring a new assistant keeper since it was a full time job to care for the grounds and light.

His needs came to an understanding after he was stranded on nearby Oak Island during a bad storm. The tragic event occurred in September and chilly one at that when he was stranded. Jacker had been trying to move a sailboat before the storm and got caught in some strong currents. He spent three days on Oak Island. When news reached Jacker’s wife that he was missing she immediately organized a search party for him. He was rescued nearly starved to death. Then an assistant was placed on the island to help Jacker.

The lighthouse was expanded in the early 1900s and served until 1947 when it was automated.

The Raspberry Island Lighthouse is open for limited tours. These tours are operated by the National Park Service as part of the Apostle Islands.

For more information about admission and hours for the Raspberry Island Lighthouse, please visit the official website here.

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