Mark Twain Home, Hartford, Connecticut (Photo Credit: Flickr - Scott Rettberg)
Mark Twain Home, Hartford, Connecticut | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - srett

Building his home in one of the wealthiest cities in America at the time, famed author Mark Twain ordered the construction of this elaborate mansion. For several decades his family called this place home. It is a famed landmark home in Hartford.

Mark Twain happens to be the pen name of Samuel Clemens. When he moved to Hartford in 1868, he fell in love with the city. Just a few years later in 1874, he had this beautiful home built in urban Hartford.

Samuel and his wife Olivia lived in the mansion where they raised several children. The top floor of the home was restricted to only cleaning staff as it was his personal study where we did all of his writing. While living here he wrote The Adventures of Tom SawyerAdventures of Huckleberry FinnLife on the Mississippi and the Prince and Pauper.

In 1891, the Clemens began to struggle financially. Samuel decide to spend some time in Europe to lecture to raise money. His wife and one daughter went along. Some of the remaining children stayed home at their Hartford residence.

While traveling, the Clemens daughter Susy died at home in 1896. Heartbroken that they were not there for Suzy when she was sick, Samuel and his wife sold the home in 1903. They claimed they could not live in the house after such sadness.

The home was later used as a school and even apartments. Facing demolition in 1929, Katharine Day, the grand niece of Harriet Beecher Stowe, purchased the home and turned it into a landmark. It took over 40 years to restore the mansion and collect artifacts to preserve it for future generations.

Today the home is open for tours and is a well loved destination for readers and writers alike.

The Mark Twain House is located at 351 Farmington Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut. 

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