Longhorn Cow
Longhorn Cow | Photo Credit: Pixabay - bartpair

Home to the official Texas Longhorn Herd, Fort Griffin is an iconic landmark in the Lone Star State. Along with maintaining the state herd, Fort Griffin is home to Texas’s oldest outdoor musical presentation. From daring gunfighters to loveable longhorns, this fort plays a vital role in Texas history.

Built in 1867, Fort Griffin allowed a place for passing settlers and travelers to stop along the route to the West. Loosely framed buildings and tents were all that stood within the boundary of the fort.

In the 1870s, a small town grew up around Fort Griffin called “the Flat.” It was here that saloons, hotels, stores, and other businesses sprouted up to service passersby. Cattle drives and gunfighters were a common sight around this area. Some of the most famous outlaws to visit included Billy the Kid. Other notable people who visited included Pat Garrett, Doc Holliday, and Wyatt Earp.

Fort Griffin State Historic Site, Texas
Fort Griffin State Historic Site, Texas | Photo Credit: Flickr – Barbara Brannon

As transportation methods changed, Fort Griffin soon grew less popular, and the city dwindled in size. Since 1938, the Fort Griffin Fandangle has been a famous production of a Western-style play. It is the oldest outdoor play of its kind in all of Texas.

In addition to the historic sites and other entertainment, Fort Griffin also allows visitors to witness some of the livestock herds, famous for being the Texas Longhorns.

Fort Griffin is open almost every day of the year except for major holidays.

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