Henry Clay's Ashland, Lexington, Kentucky (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Analogue Kid)
Henry Clay's Ashland, Lexington, Kentucky | Photo credit: Wikipedia - Analogue Kid

This historic 1811 mansion was once home to Henry Clay, a prominent politician and farmer in Kentucky. After being torn down brick by brick it was tastefully reconstructed by his son, James. Visit this historical estate and learn about its interesting history.

Named for the beautiful Ash tree forest that surrounded the home site, Ashland Plantation was built in 1811. Henry Clay and his wife Lucretia called this plantation home for several decades. Their children grew up in the home as well. When Henry Clay passed away in 1852, Lucretia left the home.

Henry Clay’s son James, purchased the home from Lucretia’s life estate. He had the entire home torn down and rebuilt on a new foundation due to its poor condition. He lived in the home until 1862, but left due to tensions of the Civil War. He passed away in 1864 in Canada.

In 1866, the home was purchased to be used for Kentucky University. It operated as a museum and boarding house for the school until 1882 when Henry Clay’s granddaughter Anne purchased the home. It was her goal to bring the estate back into the Clay family. She and her husband lived out their lives at Ashland.

The home has since became a part of the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation and opened as a museum for future generations to visit.

Ashland is located at 120 Sycamore Road in Lexington.

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