Betts House, Cincinnati, Ohio (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Catdirk)
Betts House, Cincinnati, Ohio | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Catdirk

The Betts House has become very popular for its important history. Not only is it the oldest building in Cincinnati but it is also the oldest brick home in the entire state of Ohio.

In 1804, the Betts House was constructed by William and Phebe Betts. At the time of its construction the family owned 111 acres surrounding the home. In fact, the house was only two rooms when it was first built. The two modest rooms were enough for the small family but as they years went by the a larger house was needed to accommodate the growing family.

As the family grew and generations expanded, the home was added onto. However, as Cincinnati and the surrounding city are boomed with growth, the area in which the home sat grew to be more desirable. The land that was once used for agriculture for the Betts family was sold off around the home and it quickly developed in neighborhoods and businesses.

Interior of the Betts House, Cincinnati, Ohio (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Catdirk)
Interior of the Betts House, Cincinnati, Ohio | Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Catdirk

Soon the Betts family moved out of the home and out into the Cincinnati suburbs. After the threat of neighborhood redevelopment, the home faced being torn down but a descendent of the Betts family saved it. Today, the home has been undergoing renovations to help save the landmark for future generations. The home welcomes visitors to explore what early life in Ohio was like.

The Betts House is located at 416 Clark Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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