Lasyone's, Natchitoches, Louisiana
Lasyone's, Natchitoches, Louisiana | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Located in the Meat Pie Capital of Louisiana, Lasyone’s serves up some of the best pies in the area. Since 1967, this restaurant has presented its delicious meat pies to locals and visitors alike. Natchitoches fame for the unique recipes has granted the city some culinary popularity. 

Founded by James Lasyone in 1967, Lasyone’s quickly grew to become a Natchitoches staple. He had spent over a decade perfecting his dish before he finally opened up a little restaurant downtown. Mr. Lasyone had been a butcher at a local grocery store before opening his own business. 

While meat pies have long been a tradition in Louisiana since at least the 1700s, Natchitoches has become world famous for being the “Meat Pie Capital of Louisiana”. Many visitors who come to Natchitoches insist on trying one of the special pies. 

In fact, the meat pie created in Lasyone’s kitchen debuted in House Beautiful magazine in the 1970s. Soon after this publication, famous celebrities came to try the dish including Daryl Hannah, Vanna White and Lorne Greene. 

While the restaurant features a variety of delicious Cajun recipes, the meat pie is the most popular. Recently, the restaurant also released a crawfish pie. 

Lasyone’s is located at 622 2nd Street in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

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