Forestiere Underground Gardens
Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fresno, California | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Carol M. Highsmith

Inspired by the historic catacombs of Italy, the Forestiere Underground Gardens are a unique landmark in Fresno. This place has spread across 10 acres to create the underground villa.

Immigrating to America from Italy, Baldasare Forestiere arrived in Fresno, California. He loved the architecture seen in his homeland and desired to bring that culture to his new residence.

Beginning in 1906, Mr. Forestiere started construction on his ten acre estate. His completed home had grottos, vegetation and even a fish pond. Inside there were two bedrooms which were used depending on the season. Also a bathroom, kitchen and living room made the home sustainable.

The underground gardens contain 65 rooms. Many of the plants inside are over 100 years old and have been well cared for. Upon Baldasare Forestiere’s death in 1946, his family took over ownership and care of the property.

The Forestiere Underground Garden in located at 5021 West Shaw Avenue in Fresno, California. The property is still owned and operated by descendants of the original family. The gardens and home are open to visitors. 

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