John Wayne Birthplace Museum, Winterset, Iowa
John Wayne Birthplace Museum, Winterset, Iowa | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Thaddeus Roan

In the quiet town of Winterset, Iowa, you can return to the humble beginnings of an American icon, John Wayne This is the spot where beloved actor John Wayne, born Marion Robert Morrison, entered the world on May 26, 1907.

Tour the modest four-room home to glimpse Marion’s life as a young boy on the Iowa prairie in the early 1900s. Thoughtfully restored to its 1907 appearance, the house provides an intimate look at the unassuming surroundings where the Duke’s incredible journey started.

Next door, the John Wayne Birthplace Museum contains the most extensive collection of John Wayne artifacts and memorabilia in existence. Peruse a vast treasure trove of items spanning the film legend’s prolific career, including movie posters, scripts, wardrobe, personal correspondence, and even one of his customized automobiles.

Surrounded by small-town Americana in Winterset, it’s easy to picture young Marion racing through grassy fields and dreaming big. The massive museum collection shows how those humble roots blossomed into one of Hollywood’s most iconic leading men.

For John Wayne fans, the birthplace and museum offer an unforgettable opportunity to gain insight into the man behind the myth. Grab a souvenir in the gift shop before departing to continue forging your trail, inspired by the Duke’s origins on the Iowa prairie.

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