Visit the Author of the McGuffey Readers Boyhood Home

McGuffey Boyhood Home Site, Ohio (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Nyttend)
McGuffey Boyhood Home Site, Ohio | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Nyttend

Located down a quiet country road in Mahoning County, Ohio lies an important landmark to a famous author. William H. McGuffey was the author of the McGuffey Reader and his childhood was spent on a farm at this site.

The McGuffey family began living on this property in 1802. William Holmes McGuffey was born in nearby Pennsylvania but grew up spending his childhood on the acres of this land. His father Alexander McGuffey was a veteran of the Northwest Indian War and the Revolutionary War.

William went on to teach at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. His brother Alexander, helped him edit the McGuffey Readers that he wrote. This text made them very popular as many schools across the country began adopting them into their curriculum. The Bible was the only more popular text being sold at the time.

Today the park is a 73-acre homestead that has been converted into a nature preserve. There is debate on where the actual cabin once was located that served as a residence for the McGuffey family.

The site is located at 4505 McGuffey Road. The location is free to visit and consists of hiking trails that take visitors through the natural preserve.

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