Visit the Bronze Fonz in Milwaukee

Bronze Fonz, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Photo Credit: Flickr - Michaela Pereckas)
Bronze Fonz, Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Photo Credit: Flickr - Michaela Pereckas

“Aaaay”, check out the Bronze Fonz in Milwaukee. This statue pays tribute to the famous Arthur Fonzarelli of the hit television series Happy Days. Hop right up an get your picture with this cool statue!

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one of Happy Days most famous characters was of course, The Fonz, played by actor Henry Winkler. This statue was erected by the Milwaukee Visitor’s Bureau to honor the celebrity in a unique photo opportunity.

The Bronze Fonz is free to visit. It is located on the Milwaukee Riverwalk on the east side of the river. The statue is available to visit 24 hours a day.

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