Childhood Home of Mary Todd Lincoln, Lexington, Kentucky (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - FloNight)
Childhood Home of Mary Todd Lincoln, Lexington, Kentucky | Photo credit: Wikipedia - FloNight

Mary Todd Lincoln’s childhood home gives a glimpse into the First Lady’s tumultuous life. From her childhood in Lexington, this museum documents the roots from which Mrs. Lincoln grew and follows her life through her husbands presidency and the struggles of their family.

Mary Todd Lincoln (Photo Credit: Public Domain)
Mary Todd Lincoln c. 1846 | Photo credit: Wikipedia – Public Domain

When Robert Smith Todd purchased the home for his family in 1832, they took up residence in the urban mansion. His daughter, Mary Todd was about 14 when the family moved in. Her mother Eliza had passed away 1825 in childbirth and her father remarried her stepmother, Betsy Humphreys in 1826. Shortly after moving into this home, Mary was sent to a girls boarding school.

In 1839 at the age of about 21, Mary went to Springfield, Illinois to stay with her sister Elizabeth Todd Edwards. During her time in Springfield, she met Abraham Lincoln and they were married in 1842.

Beula C. Nunn was the wife of Governor Louie Nunn in the 1970s. She grew committed to saving the historic home. Through Mrs. Nunn’s efforts the home was saved, restored and gardens put in place. It officially opened for tours in 1996.

Today, visitors can explore the history and home of the Mary Todd Lincoln house by learning about her time in Lexington and the years of her life.

The Mary Todd Lincoln House is located at 578 W Main Street in Lexington.

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