(Photo Credit: Pixabay - 705847)
Photo credit: Pixabay - 705847

The morning of March 3, 1876 started just like any other. Residents of Olympia, Kentucky went about their normal activities. Then suddenly the unexpected broke out from the sky.

Mysterious chunks of meat began raining down over a 100×50 yard area. These pieces of meat fell to the ground. The various chunks measured up to 4 inches in size.

A witness was remembered with her tale of what happened. Mrs. Crouch lived in Olympia and had been making soap out in her yard. While making soap she felt a mysterious type of precipitation which resembled snowfall. Under closer inspection she found that they were actually chunks of meat. She immediately gathered some specimens of the terrifying rainfall and showed them to some men nearby.

The men in town tasted it and said that the meat resembled venison. Later, scientists were fascinated by the event after they heard about it in newspapers. Research showed that the meat was actually chunks of internal animal organs. This discovery made the rainfall even more shocking.

Jars of the meat have been spread across multiple labs in the United States. However the specimens have not been well preserved and are decaying. This makes it difficult to determine exactly what type of meat it was.

While conspiracies and theories have always been abundant regarding the event, some people say that it was actually from vultures. Vultures travel in large flocks and often regurgitate their food. This would explain the idea that meat “rained” from the sky. However the true explanation has never been confirmed.

The unincorporated area of Olympia, Kentucky is located about 50 miles east of Lexington.

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