The Rawls, Enterprise, Alabama
The Rawls, Enterprise, Alabama | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

The Historic Rawls Hotel has stood as a popular landmark in downtown Enterprise for over 100 years. From lavish dinners to stately guest rooms this hotel has also experienced its fair share of ghostly sightings!


When Enterprise, Alabama was connected to the railroad line, people began stopping in the downtown area. The construction of a railroad depot across the street made people an easy customer to the elegant Rawls Hotel.

Captain Rawls built the hotel in 1903, the same year that the railroad depot was completed. The Rawls family were well-to-do locals who had made their share of money from the turpentine industry.

The Rawls Hotel was constructed in a Spanish Mission style that seemed worldly and fancy to the small town. Passerby would take part in lavish dinners at the hotel and even stay in its overnight accommodations. Over the years the hotel has changed ownership but it also always been a staple in the Enterprise community.


The Rawls Hotel has been known to have its share of spooky sightings. Mysterious occurrences have taken place over the years to leave some locals leery of entering inside. The most famous of ghostly happenings involves the “woman in red”. She is known to linger around the second floor balcony where a man supposedly shoved her over to her tragic death. The second ghost sighting is often referenced in the basement where items are commonly found laying on the floor with no one around.

How to Visit

The Rawls Hotel currently serves as an upscale restaurant, called The Rawls. It is located at 116 S. Main Street in downtown Enterprise.

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