Baranof Castle State Historic Site
Baranof Castle State Historic Site, Sitka, Alaska | Photo Credit: Flickr - James Brooks

Castle Hill in Sitka, Alaska is home to Baranof Castle State Historic Site, making it the official location where Russia formally turned over the land to the United States. Taking place in 1867, this location has been celebrated by Alaskans for over a century.

This location known as Castle Hill is one of the highest points in the city of Sitka. This made is a suitable location for the Russian-American Company to settle their government operations atop. When the Alaska Purchase was completed in 1867, which turned over Alaska to the United States, Castle Hill was once again the location of interest. A small ceremony celebrating the territories newfound statehood was conducted at this site in 1959, where the 49-star American flag flew above. Later being replaced with a flag that marked Alaska’s star. The location has been a national landmark since the early 1960s.

Baranof Castle State Historic Site is located in downtown Sitka. For more information about hours and entrance, please visit the official website here.

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