Visit the Possum Capital of the World in Florida

Possum being held by a human
Possum | Photo Credit: Pixabay - videorevive

Nestled in the small community of Wausau, Florida lies the Possum Capital of the World. This quaint town is known for being the annual host of a very unique festival and is home to a monument to the common marsupial. This stop can make a fun addition to your next roadtrip while passing through the rural country highways of the Florida panhandle.


Wausau, Florida is home to less than 400 residents, but each year it rises to claim the fame of its reputation of being the possum capital of the world. The native Virginia possum is a species that commonly lives in the area. The town earned its title by claiming the possum gave them life and sustainability during hard times. The meat of the possum was served on dinner tables around Wausau which gave food to families during financial downturns.

The possum monument is Wausau was dedicated in 1982 and was built by the Wausau Community Development Club. In fact, the 1982 Florida Legislature session declared the first Saturday in August as possum day in the state. The monument has a carving of possums and details the importance of the animal. The back of the monument facing away from the road lists the names of those who helped make the monument a reality.

Possum Monument, Wausau, Florida
Possum Monument, Wausau, Florida | Photo Credit: Wikimedia – Ebyabe

For those in the area, each August the small town hosts the annual Wausau Possum Festival. Since the late 1960s, the city has grown the festival to become a popular event. Festivities include a parade, live music, food, games and the crowning of the Possum King and Queen. Another highlighted event during the festival is the possum auction. Live possums are auctioned off for charity and then released into the wild.

Plan Your Visit

The small town of Wausau and the monument is located on Highway 77 about 10 miles south of I-10 and Chipley or 30 miles north of Panama City. The monument is free to visit and can be found at the corner of Washington Street (Hwy 77) and 2nd Avenue in front of the Wausau Fire Station.

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