Abraham Lincoln Birthplace, Kentucky (Photo Credit: Flickr - Joe Shlabotnik)
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace, Kentucky | Photo Credit: Flickr - Joe Shlabotnik

It was on this site on February 12, 1809 that Abraham Lincoln was born at Sinking Spring Farm. Today this forested parcel has been preserved as a National Historic Park for visitors to explore the land that was the first home to the future 16th President of the United States.

The place of Lincoln’s birth was a small one-room log cabin that provided a safe shelter for the family in the chilly winters of central Kentucky. Although the original cabin has since been dismantled and lost, a replica was erected. Inside the elaborate building that was placed as a shrine to Lincoln’s birthplace stands this remanufactured cabin. This reproduction is thought to be created the same as the original cabin that once served as a home at Sinking Spring Farm. In fact, Sinking Spring was an excellent water source for the Lincoln family during their residence at the farm.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace, Kentucky (Photo Credit: Flickr - daveynin)
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace, Kentucky | Photo credit: Flickr – daveynin

Although Abraham Lincoln said that he had no memories from the Sinking Spring Farm it is still a significant location in his life. Many historians and tourists visit this landmark to commemorate Lincoln’s life in Kentucky and by embracing his childhood. Also nearby is another of Lincoln’s childhood farms where he spent several years. This residence is called Knob Creek Farm.

The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace is located about an hour south of Louisville in Hodgenville. This historic site is free to visit and is open daily.

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