Visit this Historic 1907 Lighthouse in Munising

Munising Front Range Lighthouse, Michigan (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Charles W. Bash)
Munising Front Range Lighthouse, Michigan | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Charles W. Bash

The Munising Front Range Lighthouse has served as a guiding beacon on Lake Superior for over a century. Its towering white pillar is an iconic symbol of the lighthouse that still stands today. The lighthouse is one of several in the Munising area and is located on the west side of the city.

Built in 1907, the Munising Front Range Lighthouse was used as a guiding light along the turbulent shores of Lake Superior. Since this Great Lake is one of the deadliest in the world, the lighthouse plays an important role in ensuring sailors safety. The 58′ lighthouse is still used today. In fact it has a single red light that is continuous so it does not flash. The tower is made of steel and has a nearby park ranger station.

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