Watch Huge Ships Pass Through the Soo Locks

CSL Niagara traveling through Soo Locks, Michigan
CSL Niagara traveling through Soo Locks, Michigan | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

Get ready to discover the amazing world of shipping and transit on the Great Lakes in a fun visit to Soo Locks! Located right in Sault Ste Marie, these locks offer the opportunity to experience one of the oldest lock systems in the United States.

Soo Locks were opened in 1855 and served as a way to allow ships to connect with Lake Superior from the other Great Lakes. The canal system leading up to the locks is over 1.5 miles in length. Right across the lock system lies Canada who also has a smaller lock that is used.

These locks are commonly referred to as the “Linchpin of the Great Lakes”. The difference between Lake Superior and Lake Huron is a 21′ drop which results in the locks necessity. 1,000 foot freighters are able to move into the locks onto Lake Superior and into the St. Mary’s River.

Over 500,000 people visit the Soo Locks each year. Boat cruises and observation decks allow for viewing of the locks. 

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