Wildlife Watching and Vista Views in Custer State Park

Bison at Custer State Park
Bison at Custer State Park, South Dakota | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Guimir

Over 71,000 acres in the storied Black Hills, Custer State Park is South Dakota’s most extensive and first state park. Named for famed explorer Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer, the park protects a sprawling wilderness of prairie grasslands, granite peaks, and plentiful wildlife.

Custer State Park provides a sanctuary for one of the country’s largest publicly-owned bison herds. Around 1,500 bison roam the park’s rolling meadows and ridges. The famed annual bison roundup offers a glimpse of these hairy giants up close as they are herded and inspected. Other wildlife like elk, deer, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn also call the park home.

Beyond iconic wildlife viewing, Custer State Park delivers incredible scenic drives like Needles Highway and the Wildlife Loop Road. See unique rock formations like the Eye of the Needle or look for pronghorns, prairie dogs, and bison grazing across the prairie. Hiking trails deliver stunning Black Hills vistas.

Black Hills, Custer State Park, South Dakota
Black Hills, Custer State Park, South Dakota | Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Kelly Martin

At the Peter Norbeck Visitor Center, guests can learn about the park’s natural history and view wildlife dioramas. Badger Hole, former home of South Dakota’s first poet laureate Badger Clark, offers tours showcasing 1920s life in the Black Hills.

From winding scenic drives to thundering bison herds, Custer State Park encapsulates the beauty and frontier spirit of the Black Hills region. Its granite spires, roaming wildlife, and wide open spaces create an unforgettable South Dakota escape.

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