Cumberland Falls, Kentucky (Photo Credit: Pixabay - USA-Reiseblogger)
Cumberland Falls, Kentucky | Photo credit: Pixabay - USA-Reiseblogger

Corbin, Kentucky’s Cumberland Falls is home to the only regularly visible moonbow in the entire Western Hemisphere. This waterfalls gorgeous surroundings and tranquil cascade make the park absolutely worth the visit. The waterfall is often nicknamed the “Niagara of the South” for its width and beauty. 

Cumberland Falls is one of the larger waterfalls in Kentucky. Native Americans often came to the waterfall from various local tribes. The waterfall was named in the late 1700s by Thomas Walker for the Duke of Cumberland.

Over the years the land around the falls changed hands. For a while it was a homestead leading up to the Civil War. During the war, a hospital was constructed to aid wounded soldiers.

After the Civil War, the land was purchased and turned into the Cumberland Hotel. An upscale retreat and lodging establishment. For a brief period during the early 1900s, the waterfall was at threat of being destroyed for hydroelectricity. This attempt was halted and soon in the 1930s, Cumberland State Park was born around the falls. Today the park sees about a million people each year.

The Moonbow Phenomenon

The Cumberland Falls moonbow is the only regularly casted occurrence of its type in the Western Hemisphere. A moonbow forms over the waterfall late at night when the light of the moon reflects on the mist within the gorge. Similar to the appearance of a rainbow, the moonbow is a unique sight to visitors. The state park publishes a calendar to mark the dates of this regular phenomenon.

Cumberland Falls Moonbow Phenomenon, Corbin, Kentucky (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Design219)
Cumberland Falls Moonbow Phenomenon, Corbin, Kentucky | Photo credit: Wikipedia – Design219

Cumberland Falls is located at 7351 Highway 90 just outside of Corbin, Kentucky. The falls is located within a state park that also offers camping, lodging, dining, hiking, horseback riding and many other amenities. 

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