You Can Visit the Geographic Center of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula in this Small Town

Geographic Center of the Lower Peninsula in St. Louis, Michigan (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Smgross)
Geographic Center of the Lower Peninsula in St. Louis, Michigan | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Smgross

Nestled in the heart of Michigan’s lower peninsula lies the quaint city of St. Louis, often referred to as the “Middle of the Mitten.” While this small community may seem unassuming, it holds a unique claim to fame – it marks the geographical center point of the state’s lower peninsula.

This central location has long been a source of pride for St. Louis residents. As early as 1836, surveyors had identified the town’s exact midpoint coordinates. The stone marking the spot was placed by Sidney S. Hastings in 1876.

Finally, in 2009, local citizens came together to gift the town a permanent dedication – an engraved stone plaque mounted atop a boulder situated in Clapp Park at the corner of Washington and Franklin Streets. The simple granite marker now clearly recognizes St. Louis as the lower peninsula’s central location.

Visiting this modest yet noteworthy landmark makes for an interesting quick stop when passing through the area. Feel free to snap some photos of the engraved stone that pins St. Louis as the definitive middle of the mitten. Then take a leisurely stroll through Clapp Park, a scenic green space. 

Geographical Center of Michigan, St. Louis, Michigan (Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures)
Geographical Center of Michigan, St. Louis, Michigan (Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures)

So next time your travels take you through central Michigan, consider a stop in charming St. Louis. You can stand upon the very spot marking the lower peninsula’s heart and learn about this charming community’s heritage. Because sometimes it’s the small towns and roadside oddities that make the journey worthwhile and create lasting memories.

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