Your Complete Guide to a Romantic Weekend in Apalachicola

Aerial View of Apalachicola, Florida
Aerial View of Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: Shutterstock - Jacob Boomsma

Nestled along the Forgotten Coast of Florida, Apalachicola beckons lovers to explore its historic streets, savor delectable seafood, and bask in the warmth of each other’s company. This guide is meant to provide you and your loved one with the perfect weekend getaway to such a charming small town.

Friday Evening

As you approach the cozy town of Apalachicola, the first thing that captures your attention is the enchanting presence of majestic mossy oak trees gracefully adorning the landscape. These ancient trees, draped in delicate Spanish moss, create a mesmerizing canopy that welcomes visitors with a sense of timeless beauty. Beyond the natural allure, the streets are graced by a multitude of stunning historic homes, each one narrating tales of a bygone era. From elegant Victorian mansions to quaint cottages with intricate detailing, Apalachicola’s architectural gems stand as testaments to the town’s rich history and heritage.

Check-In to Your Stay

Majestic Jewel Inn, Apalachicola, Florida
Majestic Jewel Inn, Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: VRBO

When you first arrive, be sure to check in at your lodging accommodation whether it be a charming bed and breakfast, an inn, or a vacation rental. There are many options in the city that can best suit your weekend plans. If you are looking for ideas on the perfect place to book, here are the 7 Best Places to Stay in Apalachicola.

Grab Some Dinner

Once you’ve settled into the charming ambiance of Apalachicola, venture downtown to where the streets come alive with a quaint charm, inviting you to explore the local dining scene that adds a flavorful touch to your first night in the city.

Downtown Apalachicola boasts an array of restaurants, each offering a distinct culinary experience. Whether you opt for the relaxed ambiance of a seafood spot by the river or the intimate setting of a historic eatery, the dining options cater to diverse palates. Savor the region’s famed seafood, from their iconic freshly shucked oysters to succulent shrimp, as you immerse yourself in the coastal flavors that define Apalachicola’s culinary identity.

For waterfront dining, try Up the Creek Raw Bar or Half Shell Dockside. These locations can offer beautiful views of the Scipio Creek that flows into the Apalachicola River. While not waterfront, you can find excellent seafood boils and oysters at the popular The Station Raw Bar.

Evening Activites

While many of the shops in downtown Apalachicola will close in the evening, it is still a peaceful time to stroll the city streets and even walk along the City Dock on Water Street. This dock lines the Apalachicola River and provides a great spot for stargazing into the night sky above. During full moons, this waterfront area can be transformed into a tranquil landscape.



Depending on where you booked your stay, breakfast may be provided. However, there are several appetizing breakfast options that can help you start your day off right. For coffee lovers, Cafe Con Leche or the Apalachicola Chocolate & Coffee Company may offer fast service and tasty bites to get you off onto your days adventure.

Daytime Activities

In Apalachicola and its surrounding areas, a variety of daytime activities awaits, promising endless hours of entertainment and exploration. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking leisurely pursuits, this coastal haven has something for everyone. Whether you choose to explore the natural wonders, delve into the town’s history, or simply unwind by the waterfront, Apalachicola’s diverse daytime offerings ensure that every moment is filled with the promise of discovery and enjoyment.

Historic Homes and Museums

Orman House, Apalachicola, Florida
Orman House, Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

History buffs can embark on a captivating journey through Apalachicola’s well-preserved historic district, adorned with 19th-century architecture. A stroll along the cobblestone streets unveils tales of a bygone era, with landmarks such as the John Gorrie Museum. Orman House, and the Raney House Museum offering glimpses into the town’s rich heritage.


For those captivated by the great outdoors, a visit to the Apalachicola National Forest unfolds an entire forest of lush landscapes and diverse ecosystems. Hiking trails, birdwatching, and nature walks invite you to immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty of this natural haven.

Lighthouse and Beaches

Meanwhile, the nearby St. George Island beckons with pristine beaches and opportunities for sun-soaked relaxation or exciting water sports. Climb to the top of the St. George Island Lighthouse and see out across the island.

Fishing Charters & Kayaking

Fishing Boat in Apalachicola, Florida
Fishing Boat in Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: Flickr – patchattack

The Apalachicola River, a defining feature of the region, invites adventure seekers to partake in kayaking, boating, and fishing excursions. Guided tours and charters provide not only thrilling experiences but also a deeper connection to the river’s significance in shaping Apalachicola’s cultural and economic history. Guided fly fishing tours are offered by Forgotten Coast Fly Company & Guide Service.


As the sun bathes the town in its golden glow, shoppers can wander through the charming boutiques and galleries that line the streets of downtown Apalachicola. From handmade crafts to local artwork and even fresh honey, these establishments showcase the unique character and creativity that define this coastal community.

For more inspiration check out the 12 Best Things to Do in Apalachicola, Florida.


Oysters at Papa Joe's in Apalachicola, Florida
Oysters at Papa Joe’s in Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: Flickr – amanderson2


On your last evening in the city, consider a romantic dinner at one of the restaurants. One popular option is the Apalachicola Seafood Grill or The Owl Tap Room. After dinner, head on over to the locally famous Oyster City Brewing Company that serves up some tasty beers made right onsite.

Ghost Tours

Chestnut Street Cemetery, Apalachicola, Florida
Chestnut Street Cemetery, Apalachicola, Florida | Photo Credit: Flickr – Karsun Designs

As the sun sets over Apalachicola, the spooky history of the city comes alive with one of the newest local guided tours that uncovers the darker side of Apalachicola’s past. As the sun descends, casting eerie shadows over the mossy oak trees and historic homes, embark on an enthralling journey through the city’s haunted history with Apalach Ghost Tours. Guided by local experts well-versed in the town’s paranormal lore, participants of this tour dive into the supernatural mysteries that lurk behind Apalachicola’s charming facade. Discover the legends that shroud landmarks like the Gibson Inn or the Raney House, as whispers of bygone eras echo through the cobblestone streets. Each step unravels a new chapter in the city’s spooky chronicles, leaving visitors both thrilled and fascinated.


As Sunday dawns in quaint Apalachicola, savor the precious moments of your last day in this charming city. Let the warm rays of sunlight filter through the mossy oak trees, casting a gentle glow over the historic homes and quaint streets. Begin your day with a leisurely wake-up, perhaps enjoying a cozy breakfast at a local café or from the comfort of your chosen accommodation.

With the day stretching ahead, consider exploring the remaining gems that Apalachicola has to offer. Take a stroll through the serene streets, absorbing the tranquil ambiance and capturing any last-minute snapshots of the picturesque surroundings. Engage in a bit of morning shopping, perusing the local boutiques and galleries for unique souvenirs and treasures that will serve as mementos of your memorable weekend.

Before departing the city, be sure to take a moment to breathe in the salty air, listen to the soothing sounds of the river, and imprint the scenic vistas on your memory. As you bid farewell to Apalachicola, carry with you the echoes of its history, the flavors of its cuisine, and the warmth of its hospitality. Until next time, let the memories of this city linger, promising a return to its timeless allure.

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