Valley Forge Blacksmith at Dollywood, Tennessee
Valley Forge Blacksmith at Dollywood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures
Watch a blacksmith forge metal or make your own candle! There are several experiences you can encounter during your visit to Dollywood. Scattered amongst the park, these little adventures allow you to take home unique collectibles from your trip.

Craftsman’s Valley

Valley Forge Blacksmith

Step back in time to the days of when blacksmiths lived in nearly every community in Tennessee, forging useful tools and other items for settlers of the region. In Dollywood, you can share that experience by watching a skilled blacksmith create an item custom for you! Or just watch how they create other items! You can even shop in the little store inside to browse other creations.

Caricatures & Portraits

Get a personalized sketch of you or your group at this artistic and fun experience. These caricatures are meant to commemorate your trip to the park and serve as a fun way to share your experience!

Old Flames Candles

This quaint candle shop features the ability to make your own candle! These treats can be taken home to enjoy as a family keepsake. Also, be sure to shop the local selection of homemade candles. Select from scents, shapes and styles!

Smoky Creek Leather

Watch as skilled crafters make a variety of items from this quaint shop. You can even shop through these handcrafted leather works by finding something such as a bracelet, hat or belt!

Valley Wood Carvers

Another shop situated in Craftman’s Valley features trained wood carvers. These carvers can personalize items just for you! Even more, you can shop through dozens of unique creations that come from these amazing crafters!

Wilderness Pass

Handsville Wax Company

Unlike most other wax or candle shops, the Handsville Wax Company allows you to dip your hand in wax! You get to keep your wax creation by having a souvenir of your trip and a very detailed imprint of your hand.

Rivertown Junction

Mountain Blown Glass

Browse and watch how crafters create amazing blown glass items on display and for sale! These items range from ornaments to vases and even lamps or figurines!

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